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PALMER, CHARLES STUART (1930 – 2001) Non-Kodokan 10th Dan; IJF 10th Dan

British JUDO instructor. The President of INTERNATIONAL JUDO FEDERATION (1965-1979). He started JUDO when he was 15. The founder of British JUDO. Gunji KOIZUMI and 8th DAN Trevor LEGGETT, were his teachers. He won a black belt in 1948 and went to Japan in 1951 to work at the British Embassy and study at the KODOKAN. During his four years in Japan, he studied under Kyoshi Kobayashi and the late 10th DAN Kyuzo MIFUNE. In 1957, he was a member of the British team which won the European title for the first time and the following two years he captained the British JUDO team. As president of the INTERNATIONAL JUDO FEDERATION, he was chiefly responsible for the reintroduction of JUDO to the Olympic programme and for the standardization of the international contest rules which he carried out in collaboration with the KODOKAN




PORTER, PHILIP (1924-   )

American JUDO author, administrator, and referee. Porter did not begin studying the sport until he was 27, yet he competed regularly until age 41. In 1975 he won the 50-55 class competition at the National Masters Tournamnet. A graduate of West Point, Porter began his JUDO career while in the military and wrote the constitution of the United States Air Force JUDO association in 1959. He has founded clubs on Air Force bases all over the world, in 1973, he organized the All American JUDO Club in Sacramento. He presently seves as chairman of the U.S. JUDO Association National Coaching Staff. Porter refereed the historic world heavyweight match between Anton Geesink and Mitsua Matsunage in 1965. As technical director of the Pan-American JUDO Union, Porter rewrote the first international rules. In 1967 he trained referees for the Pan-American Games in Canada. Founder and editor of the American JUDOman Magazin (1960), he is author of the first two JUDO handbooks ever published in the U.S. He also published two instrutional books: JUDO from the Beginning, which he wrote, and Championships JUDO Drill Training, which he edited for author Ben Campbell. A member of the Who’s Who in the Martial Arts, he chaired the National AAU JUDO Committee and the U.S: Olympics JUDO Committee